Improving systems of care and services for people with diabetes and their families in rural and remote Australia (NT, FNQ & Kimberley)

Youth Diabetes – Health Professional Resources

Youth Type 2 Diabetes Screening, Management, and Referral Pathways

The Northern Territory (NT) Diabetes Clinical Network is the NT Department of Health’s clinical network established in February 2018.  It provides a platform for NT clinicians, researchers, consumers, and policymakers to work collaboratively to improve the care and health outcomes of people who are at risk of developing diabetes and to minimise the risks of complications for those who are living with diabetes.

The following documents have been produced by the NT Diabetes Clinical Network and Menzies School of Health Research in close consultation with health professionals who work with young people living with type 2 diabetes.


1. Youth Type 2 Diabetes Pathways Summary (download here)

2. Pathways development guideline background information (download here)

3. Screening Pathways for type 2 diabetes in Aboriginal young people in the NT (download here)

4. Management Pathway for NT Aboriginal young people (<18 yo) diagnosed with diabetes (download here)

5. Type 2 diabetes Referral Pathway <17 years (download here)

6. Type 2 diabetes Referral Pathway 17-25 years (download here)

7. Type 2 diabetes Remission Fact Sheet for Health Professionals (download here)

8. ‘Living Well with Diabetes’ poster (download here)