Improving systems of care and services for people with diabetes and their families in rural and remote Australia (NT, FNQ & Kimberley)

Diabetes In Pregnancy


The Partnership commenced in 2011 as the Northern Territory (NT) Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership. In 2015, further funding enabled the Partnership to expand to include Far North Queensland (FNQ) and formed the NT & FNQ Diabetes in Pregnancy Partnership (also known in FNQ as DiPPiNQ). Our key focus was on improving systems of care and services for women with diabetes and improving health outcomes by reducing risk associated with diabetes in pregnancy as early as possible in the life course.

The Partnership’s work has evolved to respond to priorities identified by clinicians and communities (intergenerational impact of diabetes, early onset of type 2 diabetes in young people).  We have, however maintained our focus on working with women, health professionals and communities to improve outcomes for women with diabetes in pregnancy.

Current projects:

Improving diabetes in pregnancy outcomes is vital for maternal and child health and reducing the intergenerational impact of diabetes. Good quality data and a collaborative multidisciplinary approach across the region is essential to improve understanding of diabetes in pregnancy, identify areas for improvement within services and systems, and mobilise action.

We are doing this by:

  1. Sustaining the NT & FNQ Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinical Registers, which function as clinical, quality improvement and epidemiological tools, with an aim to enhance care and systems, in order to improve health outcomes for women with diabetes in pregnancy (2011-2026). Click here for further information.
  2. Working with families and communities to increase awareness about diabetes in pregnancy and co-design initiatives that reduce diabetes risk, including promotion of breastfeeding and healthy weight (2020-2026). Click here to learn more.


For more information or to get involved contact:

Top End
Tara Dias (Senior Research Officer)
Phone: (08) 8946 8528

Central Australia
Kim Martin (Project Coordinator)
Phone: 0472 638 456

Far North Queensland
Lisa-Maree Pigliafiori (Project Coordinator)
Phone: 0473 497 749


Our work is supported by:

  • Medical Research Future Fund (MRF 1199628) supports the Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinical Registers & Diabetes in Pregnancy Co-Design
  • Centre of Research Excellence Health in Preconception & Pregnancy supports the DIP Co-Design